Do Online Culinary Schools Really Exist?

By | May 21, 2023

The creation of gourmet foods is an art form that’s often overlooked today. People tend to take two trains of thought: that cooking isn’t an art form or that anyone can cook. Those who actually do it though, know that it takes quite a bit of time to create that great looking recipe sitting on your dish. Today a number of people who want to work in this field are turning to online culinary schools to earn their diploma.

There are many people who believe that online culinary schools either don’t exist or that they don’t provide the training and education a student actually needs. Those people are completely wrong because students learn just as much and actually have to work much harder than they would in a traditional classroom setting. There’s no professor standing over your shoulder in online culinary schools meaning that the student needs to learn all the gourmet work on their own.

With online culinary schools a student receives a packet of information at the beginning of the semester, with all the information they need to make gourmet meals at home. The student starts by reading an assigned lesson regarding the week’s work. Then they’ll need to practice creating that recipe and practice their skills at home. Following that they’ll begin making recipes the professor deemed appropriate for the given week.

Some online culinary schools are more involved in the arts side of thing and making sure students are learning the proper form. In this type of school the student is responsible for creating recipes and showing the professor what they learned. They may need to take real time photographs of their cooking or even record with a video camera what they did. Then they’ll need to send those pictures and videos to the professor, who grades them on their technique. More schools are now beginning to offer this type of programs to students who truly want to learn the art form.

As you can see, taking courses from online culinary schools is no easy matter. Students need to do the same amount of work as they would in a traditional classroom and often they need to do more work. It’s also a learning experience and only for those who can handle the grind of working solo for most of their college life. However those who have a full-time job or have other obligations will find that it’s much easier to do because they can work when they have the time available.