Self-Education Versus Formal Education

By | June 6, 2023

You will determine what you become and the money you will make…If you invest in your self-education.

“Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune” – Jim Rohn

How true this quote is for us all. There is more to life after school ends for us all. Whether you have a doctorate, or a PhD or a basic High School diploma like me, you will always learn new things as you grow through your life. Having a formal education is important and does help build you as a young person, but your learning about life just begins after school ends.

Taking the time to invest in yourself, whether it is daily meditation upon life, whether it is reading books about things you never knew anything about or even possibly developing a new hobby…you are still learning something new.

Having a desire or a will to do things, does not change your old habits or even your mindset on life itself. You must without a doubt develop an insatiable attraction of developing yourself. Do what the other 97% of people decide not do. Read more books, educate your mind, develop new friends, find new thought patterns. Become a leader not only within your household, but to others around you.

In order to change your lifestyle and become the person you have always dreamed about becoming you must put in the time and effort to develop new skills, habits, traits, mindset in order to change your own bank account.

If money means nothing to you – then at least you are changing you life for the better.

Look deep within your heart and soul…what is it that you desire the most out of life that you cannot seem to grasp? That is what you need to work on. That is what you need to figure out and how to make it crystal clear and manifest itself into reality.

You must always be self-educating yourself, or your dreams, aspirations, goals in life will never be obtained.